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In becoming a member you are joining a collective that has driven successful collaboration models, contributed significantly to making the case for communication and community engagement in preparedness and response, and strengthened systems and capacity for implementation.

Together, we can:

  • Advocate for information sharing and communication with communities to be a predictable, coordinated and resourced component of humanitarian preparedness, response and recovery.
  • Champion systemic change on information and communication so that they can be reflected in everything from standard operating procedures, coordination and humanitarian architecture to staffing, project design and funding.
  • Be at the forefront of greater use of media development, telecommunications and digital and emerging technology tools to support better action on the ground.
  • Influence the sector to move beyond the collection and analysis of the needs of those in crisis, to also having collective, timely, and accurate information from diverse sources for their benefit, enabling them to make their own decisions based on a better understanding of the situation.
  • Serve as a neutral and safe platform for open and honest dialogue between diverse small, medium and large organisations working towards the same information and communication goals.

For more information on membership read our brief for potential members.


Apply to be a Member

To apply, get in touch to discuss your application with our Executive Director before completing an application form.

What they desperately needed was access to local information in a language they understood – could they go home? Where were the local services and who were all these foreigners who said they were coming to help?
Mark Frohardt, Executive Director of Internews Center for Innovation and Learning
I can’t see, so when my radio was destroyed in the cyclone, I felt very isolated. Now that I have a radio, I feel like I can see!
A blind monk in Burma who received a radio after Cyclone Nargis