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About the Message Library

The Message Library is an online, searchable database of prepositioned messages providing a starting point for those wanting to rapidly disseminate critical information to affected populations. Messages can be filtered using the drop-down menus to find ones relevant to the population you are working with. Please read our User Guide and FAQs which provide guidance on how these messages should be contextualised and used. The Library can be used both as a disaster preparedness tool and following the outbreak of an emergency. Context-specific libraries exist for Bangladesh and South Sudan.

The Message Library was originally developed by BBC Media Action and Internews' infoasaid project in collaboration with different UN clusters. Translators Without Borders and its partner Microsoft have contributed a wide selection of translations to the Message Library.

Using the Message Library

Messages can be viewed by selecting how you’d like to search them from the buttons below and then by further filtering down the messages. Using the filters on the right to choose a particular context and then language i.e. Kenya, Swahili

Note: These messages are generic and need further modification to be truly applicable in any particular situation. For more information on effectively using the Message Library, check out our downloadable User Guide and our FAQs.

Looking for the contextualised Bangladesh or South Sudan message libraries?

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