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CDAC Network is the global alliance of many of the world’s biggest humanitarian and media development organisations – including UN agencies, the Red Cross/Red Crescent Movement, NGOs, media and specialist communications organisations – committed to putting the power in humanitarian action back in the hands of communities.

We believe that, when communities have the information and the resources to make their own decisions, they have the capacity to find solutions to even the most challenging problems.

We bring together local, regional and global actors to catalyse communities’ ability to connect, access information and have a voice in humanitarian emergenciesThis enhances the effectiveness of aid; fosters greater accountability, transparency and trust; and improves the outcomes experienced by affected people. 

Such an approach is reflected in the Grand Bargain commitments of the World Humanitarian Summit, and is a precondition for achievement of the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals

The positive impact of our approach has been demonstrated in emergencies as diverse as the Hurricane Irma and Maria in the Caribbean, the European refugee migration emergency, Yemen and the Rohingya refugee crisis in Bangladesh.

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The CDAC Network is a growing platform of more than 30 humanitarian, media development, social innovation, technology, and telecommunication organisations, dedicated to saving lives and making aid more effective through communication, information exchange and community engagement.

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